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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interview # 7--up next, Alissa Duke!

Everything's happening at once for Australian artist Alissa Duke! I was privileged to feature her work in the new April issue Watercolor Artist Magazine, in an article on watercolor pencils; she's terrific with fur, feathers, landscapes and more with that sometimes tricky medium. Don't miss it!

She and our own Liz Steel, plus sketching buddies Wendy Shortland, and Annie McMahon have been asked to work with a Sketchabout at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney--they've even been filmed!  There will be more about how this came about in the interview, but for now, read more about the project HERE and HERE.  (Makes me wish I could book a quick trip to Australia, where it IS autumn, right now...)

A correspondent on the Sketching in Nature blog as well as this one, Alissa's a delightful and thoughtful artist...watch for her interview, up next!


  1. Count me in! I can hardly wait to read it!

  2. Alissa does such fantastic work!

    Autumn doesn't start here in Australia until March 1st but you're close enough ~ ;)


  3. I'd hoped to get this one up today, but it's going slowly, with other things in the mix. It's going to be terrific, though!


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