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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Watch for Interview # 13--Steve Penberthy!

Hi all!  Watch for Interview#13, up next!  It's with my friend Steve Penberthy, from St. Louis, Missouri.  You'll have seen his recent post to this blog, HERE.

Steve's sketch is on the back cover of the book, and it's terrific--as are the other examples throughout Artist's Journal Workshop!

You may have discovered his work as "LiquidChroma," which really fits Steve's wonderful, rich, singing color.  I love how he plans future works in his sketchbooks, doing thumbnails and making a grid--and then exploding exuberantly OUT of it!  You'll love what he has to say about his working methods...

Look at the colors of those shadows!  YUM.

I feel as if I'm right there, in that peaceful early morning...

Watch for the interview, you'll love it!

Steve's Liquid Chroma Flicker is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/liquidchroma-/with/2578737757/
and his wonderful blog is here: http://www.stevepenberthy.com/

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