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Friday, July 15, 2011

Waterproof Test for Gel Pens

I rarely use a lot of words on my artist journal pages, but when I do, I like to make them pretty by changing colors with subjects, and or highlighting, backgrounding, or just decorating with watercolor.

If the ink smears, the writing is illegible. Not good.

Pitt and other pigment pens work fine, but the fine tip version does not come in many colors, and these tips do not glide over the page like gel pens will do.

I was very pleased to find the UniBall Vision Elite pens. They write beautifully and are purported to be waterproof. I had to test that of course . . .

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  1. Thank you, Jessica! I've not had a lot of luck with some of the gel pens, they took forever to dry...looks like these are faster? And not leaking on airplanes is DEFINITELY a good thing! I've had a lot of leaky pens over the years...had to give up on Nexus for that reason.

  2. Nice! I love Uni-ball pens, they make great stuff. I'm using a white gel pen by Uni-ball for highlights and stuff like that on my journal. Love how they make the subject pop-out. Really nice.

    I'm specially fond of the uni-pin pens, since they are waterproof. :)
    Always good to find things to use with watercolors.

    Thanks for the review! Good to know they don't smear.
    But I have to stop buying pens for some time or my boyfriend will kill me. LOL Just bought 4 at ebay this week...

    And I still want a Noodler's flex so badly.... haha! Pens are addictive.

  3. Yes, I like the Uni-Ball signo white, too, Fabiana! EBay pen buying IS addictive, you're right!

  4. Just ordered some from Staples; can't wait to try them.

  5. HI Jessica! Thank you so much for this post about the Uni Ball Vision Elite colored ink pen set.

    I have and LOVE writing with the Vision Elite, it glides and dances across any paper beautifully, but it is most definitely NOT waterproof (I’m speaking of the black ink only pens that come in a single or mutiple pack). Sometimes I like to do a quick sketch and then add a clear water wash with a waterbrush. So much fun.

    I have been using the Uni Ball Vision Micro for my waterproof pen; when I need the line to stay put. This pen is a pleasure to use as well, but just a tiny bit, ever so slightly scratchy compared the Vision Elite.

    I did not realize (or even think to test) the Vision Elite pens in the colored set were a little different. Thank you for this great heads-up!!
    :o) Wendi


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