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Friday, September 23, 2011

Developing a journal page...

We went to Powell Gardens in Lee's Summit yesterday for our anniversary...what a wonderful idea THAT was.  The trolleys only run on weekends, so we had to stick to distances I could actually walk to...this sculpture by Dan Ostermiller caught my eye on the way to the water garden.  J. went to check it out...

Oh, wow.  Look at how the light and reflected like work on the bronze forms of the rabbits.  I liked this view--AND there was a bench to sit on to draw!

Here's partway through...I knew I'd want to add a lot more to the page, and the spread...

And so I did....more definition on the sculpture, the little ink drawing at upper left for scale, and more foliage--plus some text.

I had just gotten started on the new visitors' center, an elegant building with lots of glass, stone, and wood, when someone turned the sprinklers on--I had to finish from memory!  My dress was wet, my camera was wet, but I saved the sketch.  I've got my priorities straight...

That's the Marjorie Powell Allen chapel viewed from the water garden at lower center on that spread...its spiritual, silent, soaring space (pardon the alliteration!) with views of water garden, prairie and forest makes you whisper in spite of yourself.

I connected some of the vignettes with foliage, added a sketch of the water garden on the right, and the sticker they give to visitors adds a touch of collage, repeats some of the colors, and echos the round sketch at upper left.  A bit of text finished the spread!


  1. That is a precious statue of the bunnies! Just gorgeous!! You can tell that was made with much love. Just as your journal pages were, too. :)

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Fabulous!!! I'm glad you added the sketch of Joseph for scale -- the bunnies look so life-like!

  3. The artist does wonderful work...one of his is called "Good Hare Day"--just cracks me up! And his great blue heron, if I were rich...

    And thank you both!

  4. Wonderful painting and pages...hope the camera is okay...my priority. ;-)

  5. Your bunnies are wonderful ... as is the statue! I like how you tied the two page spread together ....

    The satisfaction of sometimes actually planning a journal page is beginning to seep into my grey cells. I've mostly just filled my pages randomly.

  6. Thank you! Lynn, lots of people use cameras and add photo elements as collage even in an artists journal. Why not, it's YOUR journal!! Elva, it's funny but I seldom start out planning, they just evolve...

  7. Wonderful journal pages. You 'said' so much in these sketches!

  8. I love how you develop the story of your visit by the way you connect one scene to another. May I ask what is the size of the journal page (you fit so much in) and what sort of medium are the black detail lines on the rabbits (looks like a crayon to my untrained eye)?

  9. Thank you! This particular journal is roughly 8 x 8--I'm hooked on square pages. And the lines are black Prismacolor colored pencil, one of my favorite sketching tools!

  10. Scrumptious, Kate! Your rendition of the hares brings them to life. I'm smiling at the artist's title, too.

  11. Great page, I really like how you did this, I have such boring pages... this is inspiring to me.

  12. What a wonderful montage! I love how you tie so many different but similar elements to your journal pages. I want to give this a try. Thanks!

  13. Glad you all liked it! I like to capture something of a whole day or event, katiejane! And Elaine, a lot of mine are pretty boring, too...but still a good exercise and valuable to me.


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