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Friday, November 18, 2011

Asilomar, California - by Gay Kraeger

Every November Christina Lopp and I teach a class in watercolor journaling at Asilomar in Monterey, California.

One of our students brought a roll of webbed drywall tape. She shared pieces with the class. I used some on this page. I painted over the tape and then removed it. I really like the texture it gives the page. I am going to search in my basement and find a roll of the stuff, (I know there is some down there) and carry it with me all the time.


  1. Question for Gay: So was the mesh tape put on after the kelp was painted and just the parts around received the watercolor? Doesn't look like you painted the kelp over top. Love those two pages.

  2. Asilomar....has been a dream of mine to attend a workshop there. I live in Florida.. but I'm still going to look into it.. I might get there yet. I have bookmarked Christina Lopp. what a joy. !! both these blogs are . Barbra Joan

  3. These are wonderful, inviting pages, Gay, thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Kay - your pages always amaze me! These are lovely. I was sorry to miss Asilomar with you this year .... but I was off in New Orleans with Laure Ferlita doing some sketching of my own.

  5. What wonderful pages and such a great idea!!

  6. Gay, Your journal pages are lovely and inspiring as usual. Hope one of these days, you will have a Part 2- Asilomar workshop for those of us fortunate enough to have taken the first one. Love the texture in these.

  7. Thank you all,

    Kelly, I did paint the kelp first. I laid the tape down(it is sticky, so paint on kelp had to be dry), then painted around the kelp and lifted the tape. I didn't wait for the orange paint to dry. Just lifted the tape carefully.

    Claire, I would love to see some of your pages from New Orleans.

    Kay, Not sure about teaching part 2. Part 1 is always a little different each year. That's because we can't remember what we taught the year before.


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