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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guess Who is Interview #16?? It's Sandy Williams!

...after a bit of a hiatus in which I've been WAY too busy, we'll have Sandy's interview upcoming soon!

One of Sandy's projects is to record in her journal the flowers that bloom near her Niles, Michigan home...the profusion of blooms makes this the project of more than one season, and more than one year, of course, and her Flickr set makes you wish you could hold the book in your hands and luxuriate in those colorful pages.

Her observations on the wildlife around her are lively and interesting, and always seem to tell a story...here are two of the kinds of squirrels that feed nearby.

I often think of Sandy as the poster child for the benefits of journaling, and of courage and perseverance as well.  She developed a serious vision problem a couple of years ago, and she records in her journal the long road back.  The illustration above was done to show her doctor just what it is she sees.

I've known of Sandy's work for some time, originally on Flickr and other online sites, but later as a member artist for my book--you'll love her story there.   

In her journals she mostly works in watercolor pencil and ink, but her gouache work must be seen to be believed...it's wonderful!

Please visit her Sound of Wings Etsy shop to see these and others--what a marvelous Christmas present these would be!

So watch for Interview #16, coming soon!


Meanwhile, be sure to check Sandy's Flickr site, her website and her STORE  there as well as her online classes on using gouache


  1. Beautiful work. I sincerely hope her vision clears as she gives us so much of what she sees in wonderful ways. Thanks for sharing. love those kind of art journals!

  2. Hi Kate,

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Sandy and stopping by her house on a couple of occasions. Her walls look like a fine art museum.

    I am in awe of her talent and can't wait to read the interview,


  3. Thank you both! Vicki, how wonderful! I'd love to see her home gallery...

  4. Hurrah! I'm looking forward to more of Sandy :)


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