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Monday, April 2, 2012


I usually end up doing several composite pages when I travel...it seems to squeeze more of the experience into my journal.

I usually try to do one as we're leaving, at hour home airport...my fellow passengers, the tower, whatever...

This is the view from our hotel...you can't see the pencil sketch at upper left, in this photo...

This place has a nice big heat/AC unit below the window--it makes a great studio tabouret!

As the days passed, I added Joseph at the computer (his morning habit) and the cat sleeping on someone's car in the parking lot. 

Another kind of composite involves doing many views of the same subject...in this case sketches of my father-in-law's rescue beagle...

But you can combine anything you want!  Maggie was lazing in the shade near the fence, so I sketched her and the top of the neighbor's house.  (Good thing they have this nice thick masonry wall, beagles are DIGGERS.

You can add anything you want to pages like this...business cards, notes, reminders, photos...but I always enjoy how they catch something of the days.


  1. Kate, I love your composite pages. It's a great recommendation for travel because a lot of people might worry about having enough time to fill an entire spread as they move about on their trip.

    Of course I love those beagle sketches! Roz

  2. I love your composite pages; something I would like to do but it's too difficult but I'm trying... one day maybe ;)

  3. You know, it really isn't difficult...just keep adding till you run out of room. And thanks, Roz!

  4. So so so beautiful !!!


  5. Like everyone else, I love your composite pages, Cathy. Love the beagles—colors are perfect!

  6. Thank you, Jennifer! And hey, I was raised by beagles, I'd BETTER get the color right!


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