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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watch for Interview #8--Roz Stendahl is up next!

My friend Roz is a generous, giving, funny, and talented woman, with a thought on just about everything!  An avid painter of birds and dogs and State Fair critters, you know whatever she puts in her journal is going to be terrific!

Buried in snow this winter, what did she do but turn it into a charming little 'zine, and sent me a copy.

Roz is an illustrator, a designer, a consummate bookbinder, and has taught workshops on binding books and then using them.  (I wish I could take one of her classes--John Payne, one of my journaling/sketchcrawl buddies traveled all the way from Kansas to do so.  Envy!)

So watch for her interview, it is chock full of information and inspiration!

Meanwhile, check out her blog at Roz Wound Up  and her regular blog, Rozworks!


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