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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Noodler's Flex Pens on Amazon

Noodler's Flex on Amazon

Yep, someone just said they've got these on Amazon now...maybe more easily available, now that a new shipment is out! This is the color I got...quite nice.

They are smaller than a lot of pens, but I like that...fits my hand, and my need to lighten up!


  1. Curious that Amazon's price is higher than a specialty pen shop. Maybe they are catching on to this being the new artists' craze?

  2. I bought a red one from ISELLPENS.com. it has been shipped. Looking forward to this. Thanks for your constant inspiration, Cathy.

  3. It's from a third party vendor, so they set the price...no idea how, though! Maybe because Amazon takes such a chunk...

    Mary, have fun!

  4. gouletpens.com generally has them in stock as well plus any color ink you might want to match your pen with! I recently picked up a Poltergeist Pumpkin with Apache Sunset ink.

    Just got your book yesterday Caty - and am enjoying it very well!

  5. Kate , just ordered your book and looking forward to receiving it.
    Noodlers Flex Pens, yes, I've got one from Goulet Pen Co. a good company to do business with,,,
    hey love , your sketching,, I'm a watercolorist and also graphite artist.. I'm needing to loosen up and love the way you guys doodle, and sketch.. hugs, BJ

  6. Thank you, I hope you enjoy it! Glad to have you here...


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