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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simplifying my kit again...

I did this little video MONTHS ago, and never got around to uploading it! I'm always looking for ways to simplify and lighten my load.

Naturally, I've tweaked a bit since then...

I was doing this with the camera in the right hand and moving my stuff with the left, hence the slight...um...weirdness.


  1. This showed a lot about how you work and think about painting on site. you consider resist and removal and non paint marks like those sharpened points, old credit card use a lot more than I do. will think on this and try more resist and other mark making.

  2. Nice job on the one-handed video!

    I've been messing with my kit, more specifically my palette, to see what I want to haul around NOLA with me. It doesn't take long before that 1 lb. bag feels like 10 or more when you have to haul it around all day long!

  3. I LOVE making marks, Watercolor Sunday.

    And Laure, this is the one I mentioned to you months ago...last fall, I think. I've simplified again, but haven't filmed it. And yeah, my bag weighs a little over 2 lbs, so it's time to cut again...

  4. I knew that empty Rotring box was good for something! I'm making one into a portable palette, too. Your new simple kit is inspiring, Kate!

  5. Kate, I love this video, one-handed and all! I love that you have sharpened all your brush ends. (I have the same little blue dip pen! I don't remember where I got it—I don't carry it around with me, but now I'm thinking it might be a good idea!) You're always inspiring. Roz

  6. I don't remember where I got mine either, but I have it and two little shortie black ones. LOVE them. And Miss Maria, it's really not new...I've simplified again since I video'd this last fall!


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