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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New mini-class on watercolor pencils!

Hi all--I've finally got a new class to offer you!
After lots of roadblocks and technical problems, rain on the studio roof (too loud to record videos) and cloudy days (too dark!), not to mention that cold that just wouldn't go away, I've finally gotten a new class ready to go, at your request. 
You'll find lots of links, videos and extras...I hope you enjoy it!
Here's what you can expect:
Making Your Mark - Exploring Watercolor Pencils
  • Application
  • Basic Techniques
  • How Many Strokes, and How
  • Much Water?
  • Layering
  • Color!
  • Exercises
  • Bonus Pages
  • Videos

  • LESSON 2
    Making Your Mark - Getting Familiar With the Medium
    • Watercolor Sticks and Crayons
    • Opaque Colors
    • Color Wheels
    • Layering/Mixing
    • What WC Pencils will and won't do.
    • Resists
    • Demos
    • Exercises
    • Bonus Page
    • Videos

  • LESSON 3
    Stepping Out!
    • Putting Applications to Work
    • Single Line/Single Color
    • Values
    • Solid Tones
    • Exercises
    • Bonus Page
    • Videos

    LESSON 4
    Mixed Media and Putting It All to Work
    • Finished Paintings
    • Mixed Media
    • Demos
    • Exercises
    • Take Five!
    • Bonus Page
    • Videos
    QUIZ (just to firm up your thinking, there's no grade!)

  • Brushes and Watercolor Pencils

  • Testing Watercolor Pencils
    All this for only $30, as are all my mini-classes!
    You can find all the information and enrollment here:

    (You may need to refresh or reload the page, I did!)
    And of course, you can still find Quick Sketching 1 and 2 there, too.
    Upcoming classes will be on ink and watercolor, keeping at artist's journal, nature sketching and more!  Watch for them...and welcome aboard!


    1. And sorry about the weird formatting, can't seem to fix it!

    2. Have you put together a supply list for the class?

    3. Yes, it comes with the class! Right with the introduction, before the first lesson.

    4. What a deal, Kate. I wish I had time to take a refresher. So inspiring to do this online!


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