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Monday, August 15, 2011

Watch for Interview #14--it's Nina Khashchina!

Our upcoming interview is with Nina Khashchina, and you are going to LOVE it.  Nina is "an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Nature and Urban Sketcher, Art Teacher and Guerilla Artist, residing in San Francisco Bay Area"--she sketches on the spot frequently, often including quick, lively gesture sketches of your young son, kids at the playground, and animals that make you feel as if you were right there with her.

Her clear-eyed, energetic sketches and her dedication to recording things around her with appreciation and curiosity are an inspiration to anyone who keeps a journal or sketchbook!

Here, Nina's created a page view of one whole sketchbook, as an overview.  What a great idea!

Nina uses her sketches as a learning tool, and a tool for exploration, as in the page view above.  Her self-portraits are a delight, and I especially enjoy her travel sketches, for inspiration and immediacy.

And what about that adorable badger!  We'll learn more about him...


In the meantime, check out Nina's website, at http://www.apple-pine.com/ 

Her blog...

And her Flickr albums!


  1. Cool! I love Nina's work --- the old movie-theater-turned-Border's in the first picture is a particular favorite.


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