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Friday, August 19, 2011

Watercolor in the Super Deluxe Sketchbook . . .

Still testing media in this very nice sketchbook by Bee Paper Company. Using pan watercolors for this sketch that takes up about a third of the page, I had no warping problems even at the page edge. I am finding some interesting things about using permanent inks in this book, though, and will report when my experimenting is done.

Also want to let everyone know that I have launched a Back to School Sale on all my Whenever Workshops (you download them and do them at your own pace). They are all 25% Off for the rest of August.

This is a season of learning and of a worrisome economy also, so I figure less expensive workshops might be just the key. There are five of them - on Journaling, Macintosh, Photography, Drawing, and Photoshop Elements.

Get lost in art and forget about worrying!

More details here:


  1. Sweet, Jessica, I'm glad you rescued the bird, and memorialized the event in your journal! (I added your name to the tags so we can find you next time!)

  2. I'm just finishing my second Aquabee (Bee Paper) sketchbook. I think they make a great field sketchbook.

  3. Elva, Jessica, I use my Aquabee Super Deluxe a lot for class demos! LOVE it.

  4. Kathy, I tried to purchase the sketchbook workshop but there was no mention of the 25% discount.

    How does it work?

  5. No idea, Gina, you'll have to contact Jessica at the address above, sorry!

  6. I'm confused. I thought this was your blog, your products, etc. I guess not.


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