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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

video setup

video setup by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
video setup, a photo by Cathy (Kate) Johnson on Flickr.
This is my mini-setup...someday I hope to have a better camera and find a screw for my intermediate tripod! Still, I love using my dad's old one I've posted before...

That was the video you saw HERE.

This is a wooden TV table that works quite well in a small area, which my studio definitely is!

I used to feel like I had to wait till I had the perfect, professional setup...but people seem to like my casual videos, so I forged on ahead!


  1. keep em comin.
    today's "not-so-perfect" set up is way more efficient than a pro set up from twenty years ago.

  2. Thanks, Moish, I will! I like learning how to do things better, and believe me this IS my better setup! Guess you're right...

  3. Genius is in the simplicity! I had a lot more bells and whistles in my imagination when thinking about how you did your wonderful videos. It so pleases me to see your setup. Keep forging... it's working beautifully!

  4. You know me, I try to keep things as light and simple as possible! And thank you, Miss Pam!


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