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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite materials and supplies page

I updated this page with more of my favorites--you can find it HERE, or just look at the top of the blog!

(And incidentally, turns out I'm not wild about that bottom waterbrush.  Doesn't hold much water, and I find it awkward to use.  NICE point though...)

Correspondents, feel free to chime in and do a post on YOUR favorites--I can add it to the page so it will be handy.


  1. Hi Kate,
    I'm always admiring the compactness of your color supplies...I can't seem to "tone" myself down very much--occasionally I'll go with the 2 basic plastic palettes, but I'd rather take a bigger bag along and haul more colors! I notice that you have sharpened the opposite ends of your brushes--for scraping out color and drawing in details, I assume?

  2. Maria, that's what's so much fun about seeing how other people work, and why I'd love to share a photo of your setup on that page as well. I want to use the photo of you in the interview, though!

    I need to compact my supplies because of the arthritis, mostly! I also have a big backpack full of stuff, including a full-sized palette, but I normally only take that for serious plein air work.

    Yes, that's why they're sharpened. I can get some wonderful linear effects with those brush ends!

  3. Hi, Cath! I am not one of your "Correspondents" (your blog co-authors) so I apologize in advance if I am over-stepping my welcome! But my ever-evolving list of favorite materials and supplies is here: http://tinyurl.com/sketchbooking


  4. Jan, we are ALWAYS glad to see favorite tools, don't apologize! We appreciate it!


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