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Monday, January 31, 2011

Watch for Interview #6--Fred Crowley!

I'm delighted that Fred's agreed to be our next interview; I've loved his work on Flickr for ages. 

His people are so wonderfully real, so human; you feel as if you're sitting right there at the next table, having a coffee at Panera's. 

Fred uses strong graphic elements, like the red lamp and gold wall, above, and the panda on the patch, below--you will be inspired, I guarantee!

There's nothing Fred can't draw...his animals are superb, his life drawings so real they almost pop off the page.

His paintings may surprise you, too--they've got a Japanese feeling that's abstract at the same time--gorgeous!  We'll be sharing a couple of those too, with Fred's permission. 

Can't wait, eh?  I want to check a few details with him, then we're off!  (I can't wait either...)


  1. Me too, Teri! And talk about tough choices...there are SO many wonderful images to pick from. I'm trying to use mostly different ones from what will be in the book, too.

  2. Great work of Fred! Will look closer into it... Thanks for charing!

  3. Oh, I'm a huge fan of Fred's work--looking forward to it, Kate.

  4. Oh, he's there! Look at the lables in the sidebar, he's Interview #6, and it was a GOOD one.


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