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Friday, January 21, 2011

Interview #5--up next, Laura Frankstone of Laurelines!

You are going to enjoy the interview with my good friend Laura...she's wonderfully talented, and has led a fascinating life.  She's traveled the world, lived in exotic places, stayed for a month in Brittany, went to Norway twice in the winter and brought back amazing paintings and sketches.

found on the Champs Elysees

She's honest and engaging, and if you haven't bookmarked her blog, Laurelines, you'll definitely want to!  Don't miss the galleries and sketchbooks you can open on the left side of the page.

A woman listening to jazz

From Laura's recent amaryllis series.  Gorgeous exuberant images!
Everything is fair game for Laura's elegant brushwork, bold pencil strokes and discerning eye, from birds nests to icebergs, from tonight's dinner to Paris fashion, from her beautiful family to family pets.  Amazing stuff!  (you can see more of the Amaryllis Series HERE.)

The banner at the top of this post is from my Ink and Wash CD--Laura was kind enough to allow me to use her work in the section called "Ink and Wash Inspirations," along with some of my other favorite artists!

They include:

Roz Stendahl

Chris Buchholtz
Gabi Campanario
Enrique Flores
Julie Oakley
Casey Toussaint
Ronell van Wyck
Liz Steel
Nina Johannson
Martha McEvoy

* Those in italics either have been interviewed on this blog or will be in coming weeks!  They're book artists--though the others may turn up as guest interviews later on...

Watch for Laura's interview at the first of the week!


  1. Kate,
    This blog you have created is my absolute favorite. So inspiring and something new everyday from such a fine group of creative artists. Thanks for setting this up and keep up the great work. I am learning so much here.

  2. Glad you like it, Kay! I do too! :-D I'm so thrilled with the interviews, and that we're getting so much MORE. I love readying about other people's methods, work, thoughts...and of course seeing the IMAGES.

  3. Thank you SO much, dear Kate. Your ongoing support of so many artists, myself included, is such a testament to your generous spirit. Your sharing of your own work, and showcasing that of others, greatly inspires artists and art lovers alike. I am thrilled about being included in this book and this blog and, more importantly, about being your friend ;D.

  4. I love to share others' work, Miss Laura, and yours is SO deserving. I'm delighted you were able to join us...looking forward to your continued contributions! (And I love you too!)

    I know the upcoming interview is going to be a huge hit.


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