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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sketchbook Project Update 1

I was 3 spreads from finished on the 13th and knew an all-nighter would be in order. On the 14th, Art House Coop sent an email out changing the deadline from January 15th to the18th. Trust me, I was dancing around the studio after I read that email :) It seems bad weather everywhere was interfering with participants getting to the post office/delivery services and those companies getting packages delivered!

On the 18th, book in hand, I made it to the post office by 3 pm and sent my child off to Brooklyn, NY. My finished pieces of art become my children. They certainly carry a chunk of my soul.  Anyone else feel this way about your creations?

 The text around the edges of this spread reads:

We have lived in this neighborhood since May 2010. It borders a tidal creek and there is a golf course. It's such a treat to walk the cart path on holes 17 & 18 as the marsh borders these holes. Every day brings something wonderful to see and experience.

Please walk with us. I want to show you my favorite sights. I want to show you the things that fill me with wonder - it's like being a child all over again for me.

Nature. There is nothing like it!

Please click on image to enlarge

More to come :)


  1. I am loving these pages of this book. I would love to see it in person for sure. I am glad you got good photos of it to share with us. I don't know how you let it go. You even sewed the edges. I thought that paper was to thin from what every one complained about. I really ought to find me a book to work in. what size would you suggest I use. I think, pretty sure, I have a small watercolor moleskin. Would that be best to use? Looking forward to more. :)

  2. Hi Cris! Thank you! Yes, the pages are thin. I sewed groups of 3 together to prevent image bleed through to another page. I've no idea how the stitching will hold up.

    I've not used a Moleskine with watercolor paper. If the paper feels good to you, go for it. I like paper that will accept water without rippling. You'll see lots of discoloration on the scanned images of my Sketchbook Project pages.- compliments of shadows created from the wavy paper when scanned.

    What size? Think about how/where you will use your book. Will you sketch plein air? From photos or your computer monitor in you studio? Will you be balancing the book in your lap? Will you have to carry it very far? Think comfort and ease.

    Over the years, I've used many types of spiral bound journals - 6 x 9, 9x9 and 9 x 12. For the last 2 years I've been working on 140# HP or CP watercolor paper. I tear down full sheets to get 16 (5.5x7.5) sheets. I punch 2 holes in the 5.5" side so I can contain the sheets with binder rings.. I think Kate has this type of simple journal somewhere in her info.

    I found this helpful as I could try out different types of paper. I like the size as it's great for working quick. Often I will take a few single sheets out with me (I use a piece of foam core to clip the sheet to), then when finished, punch them to insert into my journal. Papers I like are Canson Edition, Fabriano HP and soft press. I work a lot with Micron pens and prefer a smooth surface.

    Whatever you choose, make it something you will enjoy working with.
    Have at it, Cris! Joy is just a page away :)

  3. Pam, I DEFINITELY feel that way about mine...they contain my life. I refer back to them to find when the first crocuses bloomed or when I had the torn retina or what the kittens looked like when they were little. That's why I can't bear to take part in a project like this, though I would LOVE to see one!

    And yep, that kind of journal is covered in my super simple bookbinding CD, here: http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson.275873942

  4. Chris, you might like Strathmore's travel journals--I haven't seen the new Visual Journal they're using in the class, but I've definitely liked their older ones with the black cover. Here's a link to the one at Dick Blick: http://www.dickblick.com/products/strathmore-400-series-field-watercolor-sketch-book/

  5. Thanks, Kate! I knew you'd be able to let Cris know about the journal :) I was brain dead at that point last night :)

    Don't know if I can partake in that type of project again either. It did give me the final push to create a bound journal. Something about holding a bound book in hand that contains a slice of my life felt even more special than a loosely bound journal or a spiral journal.

    I've been teetering about taking that step as I never know what type of paper I'm going to want to use on any given day - nor had I a good grasp on what papers I liked best. Time, experimentation, and taking the action to journal seem to bring the answers one seeks :) Least it did for me!


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