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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A lifesaver of a fantasy journal!

Hi all--as I'm sure you know, journals don't HAVE to be serious.  It's wonderful to record our travels, study nature, deal with life's challenges, but you can just kick back and have FUN, too.

Many of you have already seen this set on my Flickr, but it's a little accordion journal I made up to help me get through a particularly rough patch a couple of years ago.  It helped my husband, too!  We needed badly to escape family problems and stresses when his mother was in the last stages of dementia, and although we couldn't REALLY escape, this little, silly journal with its cartoonish, colorful images brought us a laugh more than once.  Try it!

We had an imaginary truck, an imaginary cat named Jax (my REAL ones don't care for travel thank you very much!), and all the time and sunsets in the world...

Yes, it DOES remind me of Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels, a book I've always just loved.  Turns out Joseph did too, we'd both bought it back in the late 70's, long before we ever met...

(One of these images made the cover of Sketchbook Confidential, too!  I had fun, AND stayed sane.  Relatively...)

Correspondent Roz Stendahl created International Fake Journal Month, when you are encouraged to make a journal on anything you like--travel to somewhere you've never been, be someone you'll never be, whatever you like!  Read more about it here.

And of course our own Laure Ferlita created the popular Imaginary Trips classes, which everyone raves about!  I'd love to take on myself...more on these SOON!


  1. I love that in the second image.....there's no door to the outside world!! Freudian slip?!! Such fun!

  2. Laure, I think the door is between the bookcases. Great drawing!
    Great drawings too! (I wouldn't mind owning that truck!)

  3. Yep, it's on the back between the bookcases! Though there was a while there that I would have PREFERRED not to come out!


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